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Renee Taktblad

Renee Taktblad

Marketing Director

Meet Renee

Born in the vibrant city of Stockholm, Sweden, and now proudly calling Austin, Texas home since 2002, Renée has always had an eye for blending creativity with strategy. Her journey into real estate marketing was sparked by a desire to merge her passion for design with the dynamic world of property.

With a deep understanding of the Austin market dynamics, she has mastered the art of marketing properties to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Her toolkit includes cutting-edge strategies like targeted social media campaigns, SEO optimization, and eye-catching visual content creation. By leveraging data-driven insights, she ensures that every marketing initiative yields measurable results, driving engagement and conversions.

Beyond her expertise in real estate marketing, Renée brings a passion for healthy living, exploration, and community to everything she does. When she's not busy crafting marketing strategies, you'll find her embracing Austin's outdoor lifestyle, attending local festivals, or jet-setting to new destinations with her husband, Jesper and their furry companion, Freja.


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