Changing Jobs & Locations?  Here's What You Need to Know

Changing Jobs & Locations? Here's What You Need to Know

  • The Weiss Group
  • 01/8/23

Over the past two-plus decades, Austin, Texas, has led the US in every meaningful category of growth. The city's population increased by more than 20 percent over the last 10 years. When including surrounding communities, the area ranks at or near the top of the fastest growing major metropolitan areas in the country. In raw numbers, Austin, including popular neighborhoods such as Tarrytown and Barton Hills, has added more than 300,000 new residents since the turn of the century. The metropolitan area, which includes the popular suburbs of West Lake Hills and the larger cities of Round Rock and Georgetown, added more than a million new citizens.
A modern boom town (and region) in every sense, much of this is fueled by Austin's status as a central hub for business and cutting-edge technology. Home to headquarters for Dell Technologies, Oracle, and Tesla, as well as large regional offices for heavyweights like Alphabet, Amazon, Dell Computer, Meta, and Microsoft, Austin is often recognized as an emerging Silicon Valley.
That influx of job opportunities has brought with it many singles, couples, and families seeking out a fresh start in the heart of the Lone Star State.
If you find yourself changing jobs and locations and Austin is your destination, here's what you need to know.

Plan well in advance

There are few events in life as disruptive as relocating for a new job in a new city. Even amidst the excitement of a fresh start, a hundred little things must be done to close the chapter on your life in one city before starting a new narrative in Austin. Although you'll never eliminate every headache or inconvenience from moving, you can overcome many of them with proper planning.
When you know a relocation is imminent, start engaging with movers, real estate agents, and anyone else that may play a role in your relocation. Moving companies can be booked well in advance, so the sooner you reserve a relocation window, the less pressed you'll be when moving.
Engaging early with a listing agent in your current city gives you time to fully prep the home for sale. Reaching out to a buying agent in your future home of Austin starts the process of discovering your new home.
Even for a move months away, acclimate yourself as soon as possible. Start by researching neighborhoods and educating yourself on vital points of interest such as schools, work commutes, and other quality-of-life factors. Each new piece of information will lessen the stress one inevitably feels during a move.
Schools, in particular, are vital in choosing where exactly you relocate. There are a wealth of excellent public and private schools across the region, including the University of Texas-Austin. Even without school-age children, buyers that focus on areas within great school districts will find more valuable homes, outstanding amenities, and outstanding resale potential.
At this point, prepare a list of everything you'll need to change or know ahead of the relocation. What effectively amounts to your moving checklist, jot down everything that may be important before, during, and after you relocate. Update your mailing list. Change your permanent address. Verify future utilities and schedule to disconnect current services. Research preferred doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies, too (it's excellent information to have, especially if you have an emergency within the first few weeks of your move).

Home to many lifestyles

One of the most challenging aspects of a relocation-driven job change is the lack of familiarity with a new city. There are new streets to navigate, new restaurants to try, and new social scenes to acclimate. For its part, Austin can complicate the adjustment period, and it's a wonderful problem to have.
The anointed Live Music Capital of the World, Austin is that rare destination that carries broad appeal for almost anyone who moves here. One of the oldest cities in Texas, the culture runs deep. It evolved throughout its 200-plus year history into a vibrant hub for the arts. In addition, to live music — Austin features more music venues per capita than any other U.S. city — the area has a multitude of theaters and museums. The authentic cuisine served in local restaurants and bars is outstanding.
The movie industry has a strong presence too, and Austin hosts the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival and Austin Film Festival.
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Austin is also a state capital, a college town, and a cosmopolitan metropolis with a progressive, come-as-you-are welcome mat at the front door. For outdoor adventurers, the Colorado River runs through the heart of the city via Lady Bird Lake. The 350-acre Zilker Park and the adjacent 7.25-mile long Barton Creek Greenbelt offer breathtaking recreation minutes from downtown.
And wherever you choose to live within the Austin city limits (or just outside), you're a short drive to the 19,000-acre Lake Travis reservoir and the gateway to Texas' celebrated Hill Country. Whatever lifestyle you seek — a vibrant downtown, youthful university-adjacent neighborhood, a sophisticated, upscale suburb, an open community, or an enclave passionate about the outdoors — there's a comfortable place to call home in Austin.
Should the choice seem overwhelming at first glance, consider a rental from six to 12 months (or even a bit longer) in your first choice landing spot. It confirms if you've made the right neighborhood choice without an initial long-term commitment. You'll also establish a stable jumping-off point to experience the broader Austin and Central Texas region before establishing a permanent residence.

Crunch your numbers and create a budget

For all of its advantages and the generally low cost of living, Austin real estate can be expensive. Where you're coming from will determine how much of an adjustment you'll need to make. You may need to set aside more money for a flat in a popular downtown Austin high-rise or luxury homes for sale in Tarrytown.
You gain a better perspective on the best neighborhoods with homes you can afford. As your numbers become more concrete, you easily widen or narrow your search based on the requirements. To maintain an accurate set of numbers, plan for all potential costs, including:
  • Pre-purchase costs such as down payment, appraisal fees, inspection fees, closing costs, and moving expenses.

  • A post-closing budget should anticipate a mortgage payment, insurance and property taxes, PMI (if applicable), HOA dues (if applicable), and any utilities or ongoing home maintenance costs.
Any budget created before a move may change over time, even multiple times. But even preliminary benchmark numbers will keep your moving costs reasonable and new home search grounded.

Partner with an experienced Realtor®

Whether you find yourself moving across the country or simply across town, any relocation is a massive, time-consuming endeavor. It can also prove stressful and emotionally draining. And, when you're in the midst of switching jobs and schools and establishing a new routine in a brand new locale, it can be overwhelming. Finding a seasoned, knowledgeable real estate agent is paramount to ensuring your move to Austin is successful.
More than an individual who facilitates the home buying process, top Austin agents recognize the hardships that arise from relocation. You may not have the time or capacity to sort out the minute details of moving, especially when settling into a new job or adjusting to a new social scene.
Before your move, seek out agents who specialize in helping transplants find homes and adjust to their new surroundings. Many Austin-based brokerages and real estate firms offer concierge services that make the transition more manageable and less time-consuming. From neighborhood consultations to assistance with moving and referrals to personalized services (including establishing temporary housing, community tours, and destination acclimation), the right agent makes your move less cumbersome.
When looking for a Realtor®, interview at least three and concentrate on those specializing in relocation. If you already have a certain area of town in mind for your move, key in on those agents with success in the neighborhoods that interest you the most.
Is moving for a new job bringing you to the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country? Or are you ready to upgrade your current lifestyle and find a home or investment property in one of the most sought-after cities in the US?
Wherever you find yourself in your current real estate journey, contact Dustin Weiss and The Weiss Group today. Cultivating relationships through honest communication and personalized client service, the Weiss Group team can help you navigate Austin's luxury real estate market.

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